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Define your Potential.

Each Year It Seems The Term "Fitness" Takes On New Shape And Meaning. 

The boundaries and threshold of human performance are constantly being pushed and redefined by a new generation of athletes and competitors. A movement so strong it must be reckoned with.

People who display greatness rely upon others who are able to see as they do, to listen, encourage and support. This is the motivation and inspiration behind Project VO2. Without those people who recognize greatness and mobilize in support of it, the greatest physical achievements would remain unborn. Our recognition of this is our call to action that will inspire others to see in us the greatness they also possess and to help build powerful, resilient and driven people.

Greatness, it turns out, is all around us.

It moves us, feeds our passions and stirs excitement.
It makes us stand up and pay attention and inspires us to follow a path we forge for ourselves.

Greatness, after all, is simply the best of what humanity has to offer.

The Rowing Stroke: Movement & Biomechanics

Becoming a Modern Athlete

Grit - Tenacity - Perseverance - Dedication - Resillience

The presence of an indomitable spirit and mettle makes us unconquerable.

Intestinal fortitude and steadfastness are essential to our growth, development, and survival.

Fitness and training are physical metaphors for habits and attitudes that foster success in all aspects of our lives, especially when faced with adversity.

Repetition, commitment, and devotion are essential to any worthwhile endeavor.

Failures don’t define us, they merely provide the motivation to keep coming back bigger, stronger and faster.


The Classes

The sport of rowing is rightfully acknowledged as being one of the best and most demanding total body workouts there is. Rowing engages all the major muscles of the body, working multiple joints through a large, natural, non-impact range of motion and powerful sequence.

Our workout combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with strength and conditioning work on and off the rower, ski erg, and a series of stations that highlight different movements including calisthenics, gymnastics, kettlebells, dumbbells and free weights. We prefer more simple movements, ones that move the athlete's center of gravity a long way using low coordination movement patterns. We then layer on high coordination movements as a supplement.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the population doesn’t need to work out for an hour or more to reap the benefits of exercise. Quite the contrary.

SHORT. SIMPLE. HARD. This is the foundation of fitness. Everything else is just gravy.




Project VO2

Package Price Classes per Week
Intro Package — Three (3) Classes* $60
Gold Package $195 Unlimited
Silver Package $165 3x/week
Bronze Package $145 2x/week
6 Week “VO2 Row Crew Challenge" $299 3x/week

*Valid ONLY for new customers when purchased as first Package (no other discounts apply)

Rowing/HIIT 101

Our Rowing/HIIT 101 is designed as a foundational and ongoing developmental class for those newer to rowing and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

This 45-50 minute class takes place in a dynamic and supportive group setting and is set to an exceptional soundtrack. Each class typically begins with a 10-minute warm-up, followed by the workout of the day, and ends with a proper cool down session that primarily focuses on flexibility and mobility.

The class aims to teach participants the following:

1. About the Concept2 indoor rowing machine
2. Basic proper rowing technique including the four movements that make up the stroke, as well as identifying technical error analysis and correction
3. Drills for optimal rowing performance
4. How to maximize rowing power and efficiency, increasing rowing power output for better workout performance
5. Introduction and gradual exposure to HIIT and basic bodyweight, dumbbell and kettlebell movements

Recommended for ALL levels but especially for those new or just getting back into rowing & HIIT or for those simply looking to receive more individualized attention. A great place to start your athletic journey!

VO2 Max Class

Our flagship VO2 Max class combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with strength and conditioning work on and off the rower, ski erg, and a series of stations that highlight different and more advanced movements (kettlebells, dumbbells, & bodyweight) to provide a balanced and comprehensive approach to fitness. Expect to be challenged!

Each 45-50 minute class begins with a dynamic warm-up, followed by the workout of the day, and concludes with a proper cool down. This class aims to improve competence and proficiency across the ten General Physical Skills (more commonly known as cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance & accuracy), and as with all of our classes, you can count on a heart-pounding soundtrack.

ALL fitness levels are welcome as each workout can be scaled accordingly. However, for those newer to fitness we highly recommend attending several Rowing/HIIT 101 classes prior in order to optimize your experience and enjoy its intended benefits. Perfect for weekend warriors, endurance athletes, CrossFitters, obstacle course racers (OCR) or anyone simply interested in improving their overall fitness and conditioning.


Designed for the more experienced rowing enthusiast, our VO2 Row Crew is an ADVANCED class for any athlete serious about improving their rowing performance across a broad range of ranked distances such as the 2K, 5K, 10K time trials and more.

The class consists of a unique combination of both higher-intensity and cadence speed/power-based interval sessions, as well as longer and steady endurance sessions. It is a 45-60 minute full-body workout, set to a stellar soundtrack in a rhythmic group setting.

Recommended for the more Intermediate/Advanced athlete with approximately 3-6 months of rowing experience. Requires technical evaluation prior to participation.

Next cycle begins 3/13/17!


Powerful – Resilient – Driven. Beyond their literal meanings, these characteristics serve as both the concept and inspiration behind our 6-Week “VO2 Row Crew Challenge”. It is designed to help build, inspire and educate an entirely new generation of athletes. Created through years of practical application, the primary emphasis of this thoughtfully-structured and intensive 6-week challenge is on giving participants the opportunity to maximize their skill, efficiency and familiarity with rowing on a Concept 2 ergometer, movement skill development and exposure to the concept of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is equally designed to help prepare those either new or just getting back into fitness, as well as more experienced athletes simply looking for a new challenge to safely and effectively transition into our regular group classes.

The workouts combine High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with strength and conditioning work on and off the rower, ski erg, and a series of stations that highlight different movements including calisthenics, gymnastics, kettlebells, dumbbells, & free weights. The 6-Week Challenge is designed in such a way that each week will build upon the previous week’s programming, with gradual increases in both intensity and difficulty.

“How difficult?” you ask? The degree of difficulty ultimately lies in the hands of each individual with the understanding that it’s largely contingent on how hard YOU are willing to push past your own self-imposed physical and mental limitations. HIIT typically requires athletes to perform short bursts of high-intensity (or max-intensity) exercise followed by a brief low-intensity activity, repeatedly. As such, one of the aims of our challenge is to ramp up each trainee to the level of intensity and output that is inherent to HIIT and our group classes. Several of the benefits you should expect to achieve during the challenge are:

  • Learning proper rowing technique for optimal power & efficiency
  • Improved Body Composition and Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improved Cardiovascular Endurance & Stamina
  • Improved Strength & Muscle Endurance
  • Improved Mobility & Flexibility

Congratulations on taking this very important step towards your athletic journey and an active lifestyle! Remember that fitness is largely about purpose. We want to help you find yours. Prepare to be challenged, tested, pushed, motivated, encouraged, and of course inspired!

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Our full-service facility features the following amenities:

  • Stay Caffeinated.

    Complimentary Premium Brewed Coffee

  • Towel Off.

    Complimentary Towel Service

  • Keep Connected.

    Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Charge it up.

    Complimentary Mobile Device Charging Station

  • Stow it.

    Complimentary Lockers (12"Wx12"Hx15"D) to store small valuables

  • Hydrate Like a Pro.

    Pro Shop featuring Premium Bottled Water, sports beverages & performance/recovery supplements

  • Park Your Ride.

    Free Parking located inside the Landmark Shopping Plaza

The Tools


Possessing a rich history of over 40 years for innovation and engineering in the rowing community, we proudly and exclusively feature Concept 2 Indoor Rowers and Ski Ergs.

Manufactured with pride in Morrisville, Vermont, the Concept2 Indoor Rower and Ski Erg are built to withstand the most grueling and rigorous daily athletic demands. For this reason, it is widely recognized as the STANDARD for indoor rowing training by not only competitive rowers, but also professional, collegiate and recreational athletes/teams across multiple sports and disciplines.

Concept 2 is also the preferred equipment of choice for such notable competitions as the C.R.A.S.H.-B World Indoor Rowing Championship, the British Rowing Indoor Championships, and the Reebok CrossFit Games. Each year, these events attract some of the world’s most elite, accomplished, and competitive athletes to test and showcase their rowing prowess and capabilities across a diverse spectrum of challenges.

Whether you are a novice athlete or seasoned rower, Project VO2 invites people of all athletic skills and backgrounds to come and further refine their indoor rowing/skiing skills and technique on this superlative equipment.


About Us

Our Story

Authentic, bold and unassuming; we view our movement as more than just a "workout". We are equally dedicated to self-exploration, introspection and the act of constant self-improvement.

The crux of our existence can best be summarized with a simple purpose in mind; to effectuate change and transform lives permanently.

We seek to help and enable those willing to work hard and constantly challenge themselves in order realize their full potential. We accomplish this first through QUALITY programming. We then focus on strength/power development and applicability, movement skills, biomechanics, mental fortitude and improving overall physical competence for practical performance.

We aim to train our athletes to perform successfully at multiple, diverse and randomized sports, professions, activities and physical challenges.

Our motivation is neither profit, or to become the biggest. Rather, we are driven by a tireless passion to help individuals from various athletic backgrounds achieve extraordinary and previously unattainable levels of fitness. Our goal is to not only earn the trust of each of our members, but to also be recognized within the fitness community as a facility known for its integrity and dedication to the development, growth and well-being of its members. Equally as important, we exist in order to further promote, educate and create awareness as to the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

By providing the knowledge, means, and methods, we hope to foster and cultivate a culture and environment that enables like-minded individuals to push past any physical, emotional and mental boundaries. That is the ethos and mission behind Project VO2.




Efficiently designed and engineered, Concept 2 products are built to last a lifetime when properly maintained and cared for. We also realize your C2 rowers and Ski Ergs are subjected to an unusual amount of abuse and punishment in a commercial gym setting. Unfortunately, this often leads to faulty or broken equipment and means taking away valuable time from coaching and managing other aspects of your thriving gym/fitness facility.

For this reason, we've added Service, Maintenance & Repairs to our growing list of value added services.

From simple routine maintenance to complex repairs, we're well versed in all things C2. We'll gladly come to you and provide you with punctual, timely, reputable, and most importantly, honest service. Or if you prefer, you can bring your equipment to us.

We also offer rental units for those times where you might need additional units or simply can't be without a rower or Ski Erg while we repair your unit(s).

Remember that ignoring routine service and maintenance is akin to running an engine without oil. Eventually it will abruptly stop working and result in costly repairs or worse, replacement. Protect your investment!

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